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3,3 kW gensets on trailer

Mobile gensets used for lighting and designed to be easyly handled by 1 or 2 persons. Can be towed by a normal vehicle Can be used on civil or military aviation fields. Telescopic mast allowing a lighting height from 3,6 up to 8,9m. Connection through normal or specific plug Request of product sheet:  

15 kW 230 V 50Hz gensets on trailer

Gensets on all-track trailer 15 kW 50Hz 230V or 400V Operating temperature: – 33°C up to + 50°C Altitude : up to 1000 meters / 40°C without derating Relative humidity : 95% Request of product sheet:

20 kW 400V 50Hz gensets on trailer

Soundproofed gensets on all-track trailer 20 kW 400V 50Hz Used to supply communication system with electrical current Trailer equipped with mobile cable drum 25m power cable with plug Operating temperature : – 30°C up to + 50°C Altitude : up to 3000 meters Request of product sheet: