Resistors and load banks

résistances de mise à la terre

Neutral earthing resistors (NERs) or  Neutral Grounding Resistors (NGRs)

NER - Neutral earthing resistors The qualities of our resistances are widely acknowledged by major references such as EDF (« Electricity of France » ) using them successfully for many years.

  • 2H ENERGY Neutral Earthing Resistors or Neutral Grounding Resistors are used to make medium and high voltage installations safe, by reducing and earthing the default current.
  • Neutral earthing resistors or Neutral Grounding Resistors are connected to the neutral of transformers or generator sets.
  • Specifications: IP23 -56 protection (outdoor),  Coiled and stainless steel resistant elements,  Insulation and resistant blocks by medium voltage insulators, Hot galvanized steel sheet structure, Chromated and galvanised, or stainless steel screws and bolts and coupling elements
  • Connection :
    • HV input : pluggable or porcelain bushing, located in the upper part
    • LV output : low voltage terminal, isolated and located in the lower part
  • Option: current transformer wired between the Neutral Earthing Resistance on one part and either the HV or LV terminal, on the other hand.

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Resistors MALT

Load banksbancs de charge load banks

  • For gensets and batteries, load banks with several steps and variable cos phi
  • Natural ventilation starting from 500W, and forced ventilation from 50 kW to several MW
  • Mounted in gridle, resistors cooled by external fan
  • High reliability load banks based on a 2H ENERGY’S patent
  • Load banks can be mounted on trailers or integrated in containers



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Starting resistorsStarting resistors

  • Starting of AC motors (stator or rotor starting)
  • Starting of DC motors
  • Any other particular application (Standard resistors, for low power motors).


Starters with contactors   

  • Air cooled resistors
  • Oil bath resistors



Didactic equipment

  • Rheostats with cursor or studs
  • Resistive, inductive or capacitive load banks from 500 W upwards
  • Adjustable inductive loads


Other applications

  • Test equipment for batteries
  • Electro-magnets 12, 24 or 48 Vcc
  • Oil bath starting rheostats, with steps
  • Oil bath starting resistors.

résistances de mise à la terre