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Oil & Gas

For your Upstream (Platforms, FPSO..) or Downstream facilities (refinery, receiving facilities..) 2H Energy is able to undertake the engineering, procurement, construction and installation of the following key elements : Rotating machinary: Zone 2, ATEX Diesel & gas power gensets (up to 5 MWe), Extra Safe FPSO Emergency Genset, black start & sailing Modular Power System […]


A team of experts for: personnalized diagnosis, checking of compliance with standards, recommanded action, reliability and durability of the installation.  

Special Applications

2H ENERGY is able to supply specific equipments and solutions in the following fields: Health Water Mass-market retailing Telecoms Airports See section “Turnkey“ Marine Serviceman Nuclear power Oil / gas See section “Our markets”


Power Plants «Plug and Play» Supply of turnkey installations comprising: Generating sets (up to 16 gensets in parallel) Coupling with the mains Implementation in compliance with environmental and technical standards (soundproofed, exhaust treatment) LV or HV coupling and distribution Installations adapted to site conditions For example: refer to “applications“ 2H ENERGY offers maintenance contracts (24 […]